The iFX RGB Light System is a LED color changing permanent solution. This innovative changing LED trim lighting is permanently installed to your roof line in a track, which keeps lights and cords hidden, but allows the magnificent LED lights to shine through all year long. Unlike other lights, the iFX System is fully customizable, allowing you to choose from 16 million colors and hundreds of different patterns. These lights stay up all year round, making every holiday and occasion a special event with just the click of a button.



Virtually Invisible During the Day

App Controlled

Color Matching Track

Beautiful & Discreet

The iFX lighting system is virtually invisible when installed to your roofline. The track is fabricated from the same material and comes in the same color of your existing fascia and gutters, creating a beautiful and almost undetectable LED color changing lighting system.


Say goodbye to getting on your ladder year after year and dealing with tangled up, broken light strands. Trim lighting allows you to change color and pattern schemes with just the click of a button for any occasion including holidays, birthdays, and sporting events, all using your new LED light system.


Our patented track allows for the lights to snap into the track so there is no possibility of the lights getting stuck inside the track or falling out of place, thus the lighting will still be in the exact same spot, shining where they are supposed to be for many years. Plus they are completely waterproof and weather deterrent! (IP68 rating). This is very important because if water seeps into the lighting, it will get damaged and will need to be replaced. This permanent lighting solution is built to last many years! We’ll bet you will probably replace your roof before you need to replace the lighting!


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