App Controlled, Color Changing and Permanent!  

 Now available in RGB-W!

Celebrate all occasions with the iFX Permanent Light System. Call TODAY for a free quote!


Christmas Lighting Experts

Learn about how easy it can be to have Illumination FX install and takedown your holiday lights

Holiday Lighting Installation

Simple, clean and breathtaking rooflines on your home or business.

Have Illumination FX install your christmas lights this holiday season. With their highly trained installers your lights can be up in no time with hassle-free results.

iFX Permanent Roofline Installation

Choose any color or any color pattern for an everyday lighting experience.

 The iFX system was created to be discreet, we have encased the lights in an aluminum track that will match your home. With the option to build your own lighting pattern, you can enjoy your lights for any holiday or event.

Commercial Lighting Installation

Create a new experience for the people enjoying your business.

Restaurants, retail stores, event venues, malls and even strip malls benefit from the iFX system. It is a simple way to create an ambiance for any occasion with the touch of a button. Get noticed with a flashy, colorful pattern or simply choose a subtle static warm white.

The iFX Light System


Permanent LED roofline for a home glow for any occasion or every day.

Programmable, Wifi controlled lighting to make your life more simple.

What is RGB?

The term RGB comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors: red, green, and blue. These three colors combined, when varied in intensity, have the ability to produce over 16 million different colors. RGB lights are a type of lifestyle lighting because they are relevant all year round.

The iFX Light System is a new, innovative, permanent home and business lighting. Custom built and color matched to your trim; our discreet and nearly invisible during the day, track lighting will change the way you view your home or business at night.

Learn More About Commercial Jobs

Bring more attention to your location. Create a beautiful new experience for those

who come to your business. Choose from millions of color options and combinations

with the click of a button. The APP is designed to give you the most of your lights.

Change them with personal events, sports event, holidays and just every day lighting.

Permanent LED Roofline

     The iFX Lighting System gives you the ability to choose from 16 million different color variations, create your own custom sequences and patterns. All of this from a convenient app on your phone or tablet. We love that now you can design your own lighting every night, not just holidays. Put on a magical display for birthdays, game nights, special awareness days, or backyard BBQs, the options are endless! And about those holidays; how about programming a different display for each of the 12 nights of Christmas? Red, white, and blue for Fourth of July, purple for Halloween, or rainbow pastels for Easter. All of these and more are possible with your iFX  Lighting System.                                                                                                          





  • 6", 8″, 12" spacing available
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Create your own custom programs
  • Seamless installation
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Controlled by iOS or Android App
  • Perfect for year round use
  • Over 16 million color options
  • 50,000 hours of use
  • 330 ft. linear runs



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